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Loughgall Country Park


This project consisted of many elements and different buildings.

- The Main Entrance and two Gate Lodges

The two gate lodges are listed buildings. They were both restored inside and out.

The ornate features of the main entrance pillars were completely restored.

- Lakehouse

The lake house in a state of disrepair. We carried out a full restoration, including complete new roof structure.

- Walled Garden

This walled garden required rebuilding about 30% of the walls and repointing all the remaining stonework. We also provided new ornate gates with apple motif.

- The Hermitage

The old hermitage was very badly damaged and required a complete restoration.

- Two Lime Kilns

Here we carried out restoration of the old stonework.

- Underground Icehouse

The underground icehouse was in a very bad state and required a complete restoration of all the stonework.

St. Johns Church, Moy


The church was extensively refurbished throughout. It was completely stripped out and then rewired, replumbed and redecorated. Originally, the exterior plasterwork was to be stripped off and the whole building re-plastered. However, removing the plaster uncovered the beautiful original 1833 stonework and it was decided that the stonework would remain exposed.

Outside, some of the surrounding buildings were demolished to make way for a small courtyard, which was formed to allow visitors to the cemetery easy access. The remaining outbuilding was refurbished and new walls were built from salvaged stone.

The cemetery was completely rewired, and a new lighting, CCTV and PA system was installed.

Ara Coeli


Ara Coeli is the home of the Archbishop of Armagh. To minimise disruption, the total refurbishment of the building was phased over a number of years.


This commission included stripping and complete reslating of the roof, all window repairs and replacements, rewiring the entire building, and providing new disabled access to the front of the building, along with numerous other items.

Old School House at the Argory


This a listed building owned by the National Trust. When we were asked to take on this project, the property was derelict and in a very bad state of disrepair.

In order to make the building safe and habitable, we started by underpinning the walls. We then added a complete new roof structure and re-slated. The exterior was repointed in lime mortar and the interior was re-rendered with lime plaster.

This project was finished to National Trust standards.

Church of the Immaculate Conception, Tullysaran


This church was refurbished and repainted throughout. We stripped down the painted roof structure to expose the natural grain of the timber beams and then refinished with varnish. Several other damaged areas were repaired and redecorated.

St. Jarlaths Church, Blackwatertown


The church required a complete refurbishment throughout, and was rewired, replumbed and redecorated. A new sacristy and bell tower was constructed. The cemetery was also extended with the addition of new paths and the installation of a new outdoor altar.

House builder in Dungannon, Northern Ireland

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